2019 IBB

Slideshow highlighting France Brain Bee’s participation
in the 2019 International Brain Bee

September 19-23, 2019
Daegu, South Korea


Seung-Bin (Jake) Joo, from the International School of Paris became the second student to represent France Brain Bee at the International Brain Bee Championships, which was held in Daegu, South Korea on 19-23 September 2019.  (In 2018, Lilia Evgeniou became the first to represent France at the International Brain Bee, which was held in Berlin, Germany July 2018. )

Seung-Bin (Jake) Joo, representing France at the 2019 International Brain Bee World Championship.

Thank you to the organizers, national coordinators and especially to all the students who came from 28 different countries and worked hard to prepare for the competition. They were an amazing group of students who quickly became interested in making  friends and connections.

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Updated December 2019
Article, slideshow by Helen Sahin Connelly
photo credits: Helen Sahin Connelly and 2019 IBB photographers, contributors