ARTE Education and the Paris Brain Institute want to make young people aware of neuroscience

ARTE Education and the Paris Brain Institute, an international research center on neurological and psychiatric diseases located in the heart of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris, have signed an educational partnership to raise high school students’ awareness of neuroscience.

Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, several actions will be carried out on Educ’ARTE, the channel’s digital offer for middle and high schools. Flagship ARTE documentaries and magazines related to the brain will be featured on the platform. As with all Educ’ARTE content, teachers and students will be able to view them in class or at home and make them their own using interactive tools. With the help of Educ’ARTE’s Pedagogical Committee, teaching material will be made available to teachers to help them deal with this subject in several disciplines, in connection with school curricula. An educational project around neurosciences, carried out with scientific support from the Brain Institute, will be carried out in ten volunteer classes throughout France. All of this content will be accessible to 2,200 establishments subscribing to Educ’ARTE in France, Europe and French establishments abroad.

This partnership will also promote and encourage middle and high school students across France to participate in the international neuroscience competition, Brain Bee. Since 2019, the Brain Institute has been organizing the national France Brain Bee competition with the mission of helping young people to familiarize themselves with the brain and its functions, to inform them about careers in neuroscience and to dispel misconceptions about brain diseases. The 2022 edition of the international competition will take place for the first time in France in Paris. The Brain Institute, in collaboration with the FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Societies) will have the honor of being co-host of this prestigious event.

With this partnership, the Brain Institute, whose primary objective is to better understand the functioning of the brain and to accelerate the development of treatments for diseases of the nervous system, will thus continue its investment in teaching neuroscience. through its training organization, Open Brain School. For its part, ARTE Education continues to develop Educ’ARTE as a reference resource to promote cultural openness among young people on all subjects, including scientific fields.

About ARTE Education :

ARTE Education is the ARTE subsidiary in charge of developing educational projects for the European cultural channel. It now offers two platforms in France, Germany and internationally, available on subscription from institutions: Educ’ARTE, for middle and high schools; ARTE Campus, for higher education and adult training.