Welcome to the France Brain Bee, a neuroscience competition for high school students.

Stay tuned for announcements late October on this website
regarding the 2020 France Brain Bee competition
scheduled for 21 March, 2020
Registration opens early November 2019

2019 France Brain Bee Preparation tips:

All questions at the 6 April 2019 France Brain Bee competition will come from Brain Facts: A Primer on the Brain and Nervous System (be sure to use the 2018 edition), Chapters 1-15.

Click Here to visit our Study Guide For 2019 France Brain Bee page and follow instructions on how to download the 71 page-file or access it on a google drive.

Click here to visit our How to Register page for the France Brain Bee. Deadline is 28 February 2019. We have room for a few more schools, six have already signed up. Have a look around on our different pages.

Click here for our About page and learn about our history, past brain bees and our latest news about about ICM hosting and sponsoring the France Brain Bee.

We will be adding more resources and links under our How to Prepare section in the coming weeks, so keep coming back for more updates to help you study and prepare. Scroll down under the heading and see subheadings: Study Guide, Resources, Brain Videos, the Human Brain Project as additional tools and and resources at your disposal.

Contact US if you want to learn about how to bring this neuroscience event to your school.  BIG TIP! Start small, you only need a few students, even less just to get started, to make the Brain Bee happen at your school or in your classroom. We have loads of online material  from our brain bee friends around the world to support you. We also have two homeschoolers who are on the France Brain Bee team.

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19 October 2019
Helen Sahin Connelly
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France Brain Bee